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Lago Maggiore


Lago Maggiore, 65 km long touches the coast of switzerland and two of the most interesting regions in Italy, Piemonte and Lombardia. The lake is full of points of interst, from the islands to the sanctuaries.
In Angera and in the immediate vicinity (Ispra, Cadrezzate, Ranco, Lisanza) you can find plenty of free and equipped beaches. For those who want to spend a day on the lake, a beautiful destination is the Isolino Partegora, reachable by boat, is a protected area opposite to Angera. The little island has a small beach surrounded by reeds and lily white and has a very interesting natural heritage. Nest in protected species such as coots, swans, ducks, mallards. During the winter season, the hosts are cormorants.

Lago Maggiore
Camping Angera City Beach with large sunny meadow and woods that reach the shore of the lake. service restaurant and swimming pool.
Lido la Noce, Municipal beach of sand and stones, to be showers and beds and chairs hire, refreshment.
Spiaggia di Caravelle, not very big but characteristic, has shaded areas due to tall trees.

Lago di Monate
Lido Beach, among the most popular and well equipped. It has a bar with table tennis and beach volleyball pitch. Rental of sun loungers, pedal boats, canoes.
Travedona Monate
Porto Vecchio, a sandy beach with a lawn and a little pier where to lie in the sun.
Campeggio Lago di Monate, pebble beach, shaded with beautiful view and dining.
Municipal beach in the shade of chestnut trees, is an oasis of tranquility. The starting point for hiking on scenic trails.

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